Month: September 2016

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 16

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Hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday!

Were you able to pick out a multivitamin for yourself and/or your family members?  I’d love to hear what you picked!  Taking care of yourself is so important 🙂

fitness clipart water bottle image

Today’s Challenge:  Make sure you are drinking enough water daily, exercising and getting enough rest!

Do you drink enough water throughout the day?  I know I’m guilty of not consuming as much water as I should and I’m making a huge effort to drink more.  This is my favorite water bottle.  I prefer glass over plastic and I try to fill this twice in a day and drink it all.  I love the 32 oz size and the aqua color is so pretty!

I try walking on my treadmill every day or at least walking around the perimeter of our home outside.  Even a little bit of exercise is better than none!  You can usually find great used treadmills on craigslist, ebay or your local Facebook yardsale page.

Another thing I love is my Fitbit for tracking my steps taken daily and tracking my sleep.  I have the Fitbit Charge HR model, but there are so many to choose from.  I find it is very accurate with steps taken–it’s right in line with my treadmill and seems pretty accurate on my sleep patterns.  You can track everything on an app and you can even do challenges with friends and family– I find that a great way increase your steps.  It’s fun to try and beat one another.


Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 15

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Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day!  I hope you are enjoying this long holiday weekend, soaking in some of the last of the summer sun!

As we start our 3rd week into our Jolly Holiday Prep, we need to talk about taking care of YOU!  Yes, you.  You need to be healthy to make it through the holiday season and I want to encourage you to do so!   Do you take a multivitamin or other vitamins?  How do you keep yourself healthy and feeling good?  The weather will be changing soon, school is back in session and cold and flu season will be upon us before we know it.

Today’s Challenge is simple…

Look for a multivitamin that will best fit you.  Amazon has tons to choose from, just start looking.  There are multivitamins for every budget. *My personal favorites are from the Garden of Life Brand…Kind Organics (I’ll share them below).  I like ordering from Amazon because I can set it up on Subscribe and Save and they are always here when I run out, plus I save a little money by doing it that way too!  We all have our own needs, supplement wise.  I’m not a doctor and can’t tell you what to get, just look for something that will be a good fit for you!!

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 14

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Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

No new challenges today, take the day to rest, relax and enjoy the day!

Take a look at the challenges I gave you this week and catch up if you need to.

Be blessed and Have a Joyful Day!  I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 13

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Yesterday, you listed all your bills in the order they are due…

Todays Challenge: 

Go through those bills you listed and sign up for autopay on any that you can! Do a simple mark like AP beside the bill listed so you know it’s on Autopay and is taken care of.  It just makes things so much easier!  Do whatever you can to make things simple for yourself 🙂

Have a Joyful Day…I’ll see you tomorrow

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 12

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It’s Friday!  And a long weekend too…how will you be enjoying the Holiday Weekend?  Whatever it may be, enjoy yourself and be blessed!

Today’s Challenge:

Pay Bills image

How do you pay your bills?  Do you sit down and do them all at once for the month?  Do you pay weekly, every other week, on their due dates?  Today, we’re going to get all that in order.  Gather your bills for the month and make a list from the first to the 31st.  Now write down what day each thing you have is due.  Do you have some things set to auto payments?  Write those down too so you know what day money is coming out of your account.  Slide your list into a page protector and add it into your binder near your password sheet so if you pay online you can reference it when logging in!  Being organized saves on late fees!

Have a Joyful day…I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂

Amazon Prime Student — 6 Months FREE!

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Do you have a new college student?  How about Amazon Prime?  Here’s a great deal to get all the benefits of Amazon’s Prime Membership for your student.  6 months for FREE!

Click HERE to sign up!

From Amazon’s website about Prime Student…

As a Prime Student member, you receive a 6-month trial that includes FREE Two-Day Shipping on eligible purchases. You’ll also receive unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows through Prime Video, access to unlimited photo storage through Prime Photos, as well as Student-exclusive deals and discounts. After your 6-month trial ends, your Prime Student membership makes you eligible to receive 50% off Amazon Prime, including all Prime benefits, for up to four years or until you are no longer a student. Prime benefits include: FREE two-day shipping on millions of eligible items, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, access to hundreds of playlists through Prime Music, access to unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos, and the ability to refer a friend to Prime Student and each receive $5. Unless you cancel, after you graduate or at the end of the fourth year of your Prime Student membership, whichever comes first, your subscription will automatically renew on its anniversary date into a full paid subscription for Amazon Prime at then-current rates.


** I have Amazon Prime myself and can’t say enough good about it!  I love shopping there, knowing my things will arrive in 2 days!  If I need it next day, I pay a small fee.  Their customer service always goes above and beyond if you ever have a problem!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 11

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Happy September 1st!  I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by…

So, how did you do yesterday?  Did you make a complete list of your credit cards?  I truly hope you never have to use that list, but it’s so good to be prepared in case you do.  You have saved yourself a lot of time and headache by doing this simple task, if the need arises to have to use this list.  And that’s my goal…to make your day-to-day run smoother!  Being organized and prepared saves so much time.


On Monday we talked about your cleaning list.  Since today is the 1st of the month, I wanted to share with you things I try to do monthly–I don’t do them all on one day.  I try and just add in a few things each day until I get them done.  I challenge you today, to make a list of things you’d like to do monthly and put it with your cleaning list!

Cleaning Lady Photo

*Use the sweeper attachment around the ceilings and get cobwebs

*Clean the return air vents in our ceilings (I use the sweeper attachment)

*Add Jet Dry (or other brand) to my dishwasher

*Run vinegar through the coffee maker and give it a good cleaning

*Give showers and bathtubs a good cleaning

*Wipe down baseboards and window sills

*Dust the ceiling fans

*Recycle magazines and newspapers

*Move furniture and sweep underneath

*Move refrigerator and stove and clean underneath

*Wash windows

*Flip mattresses

*Download and print pictures from my phone and camera (I am beyond way behind on this and it’s something I’m going to be focusing on very soon!  Please share your tips for dealing with photos and videos.  From organizing to printing!)

*Every 6 months I change the batteries in our smoke detectors (I typically do this when daylight savings time changes)

Please share your list with me in the comments below! 🙂

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!