Month: October 2016

PajamaGram Christmas PJ’s and a Coupon Code!

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PajamaGram always has great Christmas PJ’s for the entire family…including your sweet dog or cat!  We have several pairs from this company and I’m always happy with them!!

I adore the new Norman Rockwell prints this year….I love old Vintage Christmas items so these are a favorite already!


These Classic Candy Cane stripes are so SWEET!


These Nordic Fleece PJ’s are also new this year!  They look so warm and cozy!


The Classic Peanuts PJ’s are back this year and OH, so cute!


In my inbox today was a Coupon Code for the following…

Save $5 when you spend $50, using code PGTIER5

Save $10 when you spend $100, using code PGTIER10

Save $25 when you spend $150, using code PGTIER25

Save $50 when you spend $200, using code PGTIER50

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 64

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Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend, enjoying the fall colors outdoors…

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  I know it’s just the end of October, but I want you to think about Christmas Pajamas!  Do you have a tradition with your family of wearing matching Christmas PJ’s?  We do and I always love looking for new ones each year.  I’m going to be posting some that I’m finding already–and it’s a lot!  Get them purchased early so they don’t sell out and you can mark that off your list!  Happy Shopping!

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 63

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Well, here we are…day 63 of our challenge with 63 days to go until Christmas!

No new challenges today…rest, relax and enjoy those around you!

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 62

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TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Did you find a Thanksgiving Craft for the kids?  If not, keep looking and come up with something fun.

I have a craft and a giveaway coming next week for Thanksgiving!

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 61

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TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Finalize your Thanksgiving Menu today and make your shopping list and pick things up while you are out and about this weekend!  Go take a look at Pinterest for a fun craft for the children and make a supply list as well!  Getting these things done early helps things run smoother!

Don’t forget to print my Thanksgiving Menu printable…I’ll be adding some more fun printables soon!



Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

And the winner is….

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Thank you to those who entered the giveaway for the really cute Thanksgiving Tablecloth back on Day 45.

The winner is…Chloe!  CONGRATULATIONS!

I’ve sent you an email with further instructions!

Stay tuned for more giveaways as the Holiday Season approaches!

Have a Joyful Day!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 60

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TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Tell me in the comments below…Do you Travel for Thanksgiving or Stay home?  Do you make dinner or do you go to someone’s home?  I’d love to hear what you do! 🙂

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 59

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TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Share with me in the comments your favorite Stocking Stuffer Ideas.  I’m putting together a list and would love to add in your ideas!  Here’s what I have so far 🙂


Itunes gift cards
Starbucks gift cards
Fast Food gift Cards
Gas Gift Cards
Xbox/Playstion points gift cards
Carwash Gift Cards
Movie Theater Gift Cards

Phone Charger
Phone Case

Sock Hats
Hand and Foot Warmers

Ponytail holders
nail polish
pocket calendar/planner
Fun Ink Pens
Post it Notes
disposable toothbrushes
Scented Hand Sanitizer

Pocket knife
Yeti Cup
Magazine Subscription
Car Scents
Razors & travel sized shaving cream

Flash drives
SD Cards

Lego Minifigures
Small Lego sets
Card Games
Superhero Figures
Barbie Dolls
Candy (candy canes, lifesaver books, chocolate “coal”, christmas themed candy bars)
Oranges and apples

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 58

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TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Today’s challenge is simple…comment below and tell me the following things…

  1.  When do you decorate for Christmas?
  2. Do you have an Artificial Christmas Tree or do you go for the Real thing?
  3. White lights or colored lights?
  4. Do you put lights outside?
  5. Do you do a lot of baking?
  6. Do you do a lot of crafts with your children?

Have a Joyful Day…I can’t wait to read your comments…I’ll see ya tomorrow!!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 57

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Happy Monday!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend 🙂

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Way back on day 1, I asked you to make 2 labels..DONATE AND SELL and put those labels on 2 different boxes or tubs.  Over the last 56 days, you have put things in those as we have moved through the challenges and deep cleaned our homes!  Take the Donate box to the place of your choice and clear it out!  If you want to save the SELL box for a garage sale, mark it and put it away.  Facebook has garage sale type groups, so maybe your local town has a group you can sell through.  Whatever you need to do, make it happen today! 🙂  We will continue to add things to the boxes, our ultimate goal was to declutter 1 item per day until November 30th.  But, mine are both pretty full so I thought since we are at the 1/2 mark, it would be a good idea to take care of them today.

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!