Month: September 2016

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 32

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How’s the picture progress coming along?  It’s definitely a very time consuming process, keep working on it…a little each day and it will all come together!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Now that we are getting all of our pictures organized and stored, let’s talk about printing them!  Do you do it regularly?  How do you print your pics?  There are so many options out there.  You can take your phone or SD card from your camera right into many retail locations and have them printed.  You can print from home.  I’ve tried out a couple apps that give you so many free pictures per month and you just pay shipping.  There’s also places like Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Persnickety Prints…along with many others.

My challenge for you is to start printing!  It’s one thing to have the pictures on your computer, but having them printed is so nice.  For frames, for scrapbooks, for the fridge….it’s just so nice to look at your photos.  SO, let’s print our AUGUST photos today since we are in the middle of September.  Then going forward, I’ll remind you that first week of October to print your September prints.

This is currently my favorite printer.  It’s compact and produces GREAT prints.  You can connect it to your computer or print pictures from your phone through the Canon App.  The ink and paper all come together in one box for the refills.

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 31

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Ok…here we go!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Let’s get this process started!  Start getting all of your photos organized and in one place!  This is going to be more than a one day job for many of us!  Just make a point to do some every day until you are finished.  This will take time, but will be SO worth all the time it took when you are finished!  You can do this!!  Let me know how your progress is going!  I’m cheering you on along the way.  This is one thing I’ve been wanting to do for a long time so I’m very much looking forward to this challenge.

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 30

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I hope you were able to decide on a storage solution for your pictures that will work best for you!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Now that you have decided on a storage solution, get everything set up to make it all happen!  If you are doing something online, set up your account and read about what you need to do to start the process.  If you are using an external hard drive, cd’s or something like that, purchase what you need and get everything set up on your computer.  Read what you need to know about the process with whatever solution you picked and be ready to go!

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 29

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Good Morning!  Hope your Monday is starting off well 🙂

Let’s talk about pictures.  How do you store them, do you use a program on your computer?  How do you print them?   At home or do you upload them to someplace else?  How about videos?  This is one thing I’d really like to focus on this week.  I have several thousand pictures sitting on sd cards from my camera that I would like to get organized.  My phone is FULL, too.  And to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure where to start so….

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Decide HOW you  are going to store your photos.  Use a program on your computer, on an external hard drive, to a website (dropbox, google, amazon, etc…), burn to discs??  The possibilities are abundant and what works for me may not work for you and vise versa.  But, let’s make today the day we decide on SOMETHING.  Do some research and let me know what you decide in the comments below.  I’m very undecided, myself, at this point so I’m looking forward to this challenge! 🙂


Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 28

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Have a blessed Sunday!

No new challenges today.  Take the day to relax and enjoy those around you!

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 27

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Today’s Challenge:  I want you to gather up anything you have pictures stored on…sd cards, external hard drives, flash drives, your phone, etc.  We’re gonna start working on organizing photos on Monday!

If you have a great solution to how you store and organize your photos, PLEASE share below in the comments!! 🙂

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!!

Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 26

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It’s Friday!  I hope you have had a fabulous week!  Enjoy the weekend!!

Today’s Challenge:  Do you have a pantry area, or place where you keep the majority of your food?  Take today and go through everything.  Check dates and pull anything expired and organize what you have.  Make sure to go through all your baking items too.  It’s a good time to start stocking up on baking products a little at a time for all that yummy Holiday baking you might do!  Keep things neat and tidy in this area so that when you open the door, you can see what food you have on hand.  It makes it so much easier when making a grocery list.  You won’t have to dig to see if you have something or not!  This is a simple task and yet it’s one of those areas that can get messed up so quickly too!

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

100 Days Until Christmas!

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Today is the day…100 Days until Christmas!!  No worries…you’ll be ready to go by staying with us and doing the daily challenges!


Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 25

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Hope you are having a fabulous day!


Today’s Challenge: Let’s tidy up our laundry space/laundry room.  Freshen it up in there, no matter how small the area!  Make sure what you have in this space makes your laundry experience efficient and effective!  Put any clean clothes away that you have.  Keep the dirty clothes contained and off the floor.  Clean off the top of the dryer.  Wash off both the top of your washer and dryer.  Clean inside your washing machine.  You get the idea.

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 24

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How did you do yesterday cleaning off your DVR’s?  I still have some to do, but I did make some headway!


Today’s Challenge:  Now that you have your DVR cleaned off, how about your DVD Collection?  Go through it, clean up the area where you keep your dvd’s.  Put loose dvd’s back into their cases if needed and organize that part of your home.  I, personally, keep ours in alphabetical order in a cabinet so they are easy to find!  It does get messed up though, so its a good time to tidy it up!  If you burn dvd’s from your dvd recorder, how do you store those?  I keep mine in sleeves, then in photo boxes stacked near the dvd cabinet.  If you have a great system, please share in the comments below!

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Here are some dvd storage solutions…