Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16

Day 1: Print calendars and fill them in, make 2 labels (one DONATE and one SELL) and label two boxes or totes

Day 2:  Start collecting addresses from friends and family.  If you already have them, update anyone who has moved in the past year.

Day 3: Start a GIFTS list.  Write down who you need to buy for this holiday season

Day 4: Start a Stocking Stuffer List.

Day 5: Start adding in WHAT you will be buying for those on your GIFTS list (day 3).  Also, start your own wish list for those who will ask for it.

Day 6: Start pulling recipes for your favorite yummy treats you plan to make over the Holiday Season

Day 7: Rest and Relax.  Enjoy those around you.

Day 8: Work on a Cleaning list

Day 9: Keep a notebook with your Passwords listed

Day 10: Write down your Credit Card numbers that you carry in your purse or wallet.  Also write down the 800# on the back to call in case it’s stolen.

Day 11: Add your monthly cleaning list to your Current Cleaning list (Day 8)

Day 12:  Make a list of your bills and the due dates, in order from the 1st to the 31st.

Day 13: Sign up for autopay on any bills you have.

Day 14:  Rest and Relax.  Enjoy those around you.

Day 15: Choose a Multi Vitamin for you and your family members!  Staying healthy through the Holidays should be a priority.

Day 16: Make a plan to drink water and Exercise Daily.  Also, be sure to get your rest!

Day 17: Closet Purge:  Go through your clothes and your spouses.

Day 18: Closet Purge: Go through your children’s clothes.

Day 19: Closet Purge: Go through Coat closet and sort through shoes, boots, coats, hats, scarves and gloves/mittens.  Make a list of items you need for anyone for the cold months ahead and get them.

Day 20: Closet Purge: Go through your drawers–socks and undergarments.

Day 21: Rest and Relax.  Enjoy those around you.

Day 22: Clean the Windows

Day 23: Clean off your DVD recorder so you are ready to record new Holiday movies

Day 24: Clean up your DVD area–where you store your dvd’s.  Put any loose movies back in their cases and organize.

Day 25: Clean up your Laundry area.  Make it tidy and efficient.

Day 26: Clean up your Pantry area.  Go through all your food products and check expiration dates.  Organize the area.

Day 27: Gather any items you store photos on.  SD cards, external hard drives, your phone, etc.

Day 28: Rest and Relax.  Enjoy those around you.

Day 29: Decide HOW you would like to store your photos and videos.  Research differernt options.

Day 30: Set up the account or the hardware for whichever option you chose to store photos and videos.

Day 31: Start the process of transferring all your photos and videos.  *This will likely take more than one day!  Work on it a little each day until completed.

Day 32: Start printing Photos.  Start with your August photos.  Print them!

Day 33: Organize your photos as you print them and start organizing the stacks you have.

Day 34: Start a Scrapbook using pictures you have printed!

Day 35: Rest and Relax.  Enjoy those around you.

Day 36: Clean out and organize the drawers in your kitchen.

Day 37: Clean out and organize your kitchen cabinets.

Day 38: Wipe down your cabinets, wipe down your appliances, clean the countertops and mop the floor!