Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 69

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Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  The weather is beautiful here so…

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Get outside and put anything away for the winter that you can!  Rake leaves, clean up the yard and finish up anything outside that needs to be done.  If you feel inspired, go ahead and work on Christmas Lights outside or put Garland on your porch…things like that can be done now while the weather is decent outside!  If you wait until closer to Thanksgiving, the COLD may not inspire you to be outside to decorate.  P.S….Just because you are putting stuff out, doesn’t mean you have to turn lights on now…I don’t turn mine on until the day after Thanksgiving…you are just being PREPARED!

Whatever you do today outdoors, Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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