Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 39

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Now that your kitchen is nice and clean, let’s work on planning our meals for October!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Back on Day 2, I asked you to write down what you had for dinner each day going forward.  If you did that, great!  You should have a great pool of dinners to chose from.  If you didn’t, it’s ok!  Just take a few minutes and write down some of your favorite meals.  Today I want to you to plan your menu for October dinners.  Meal planning is so helpful, you don’t scramble at 6 o’clock wondering what you are going to fix.  First thing you should do is check your calendar for events you have during the month.  Sports, School Functions, meetings, etc.  Decide dinner for those nights first.  Make dinner something easy so you aren’t driving through a fast food restaurant at the last minute.  Make those days crock pot meals, or something simple you can make ahead.  Don’t make it difficult, just be prepared!  Print a calendar for menu planning only.  Put it on your fridge, inside a cabinet door, in your pantry…just put it someplace where you will see it every day.  And another tip, once you have it all filled out, take a picture of it on your phone so you can pull it up if you are out running errands and need to know what’s for dinner that night!

Here is a printable for you to use (click on the link below), or find something that works for YOU!



Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow…

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