Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 10

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Were you able to get your passwords all organized?  I’d love to see what you came up with.  I’m still working on my notebook, but hope to have it done soon.

Today’s Challenge:

What would you do if your purse or wallet got stolen?  Would you know what credit cards/debit cards are in your wallet to call and cancel?  How about your online transactions?  Do you keep a log of those to monitor your credit cards?  Credit card fraud is happening more and more frequently so today I’m encouraging you to open your wallet/purse and write down the cards you keep inside.  Make a list of the credit card,  the credit card number along with the expiration date and 3 digit code on the back.  Below that information, write down the 800 or 888 number on the back of the card.  In case your card gets stolen from your purse or wallet or is compromised from an online transaction, you will have the phone number to call and cancel the card and report it stolen.  With the holidays approaching, this is SO important.  Fraud happens every day no matter how careful you are.  Prepare yourself in case it happens to you!

Have a Joyful Day…I’ll see you tomorrow!

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