Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 8

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Hello Monday!  It’s a fresh new week…are you ready to get started?

A little over 12 weeks until Thanksgiving AND 17 weeks (from yesterday) until Christmas, or 118 days.

Let’s keep plugging along to get organized and ready for the upcoming Holidays.  Continue looking at the lists we started last week.  Make any additions to your calendars as new events need to be added.  Keep adding to your donate and sell boxes. Keep gathering addresses and recipes.

Today, let’s start talking about things you do around the house.  Having a smooth running home definitely helps the stress level, especially during the holidays.  Let me start off by saying, make things your OWN.  What I do may not align with your schedule and vice versa!  I’m here to offer suggestions on what works for us and hopefully can help someone else in some small way.  Our home is not perfect, it’s LIVED in, which to me is what matters most.

We recently did a home remodel and added onto our home.  Once that was finished, I took my notebook and walked to each room.  I asked myself, if I was going to clean this room, what all would I do?  I wrote things down and made a list for each room in our home.  I had 2 different columns.  One for daily weekly cleaning and one for monthly/or longer cleaning.  This was a game changer for our family.  I was able to lay each list out, pull things from each list and make a weekly/monthly cleaning schedule.  I have a daily list that I slide into a sheet protector and put it in our “family command center” and as things get done for the day…it gets checked off. Everyone helps.  NOW, let me say…I use the term SCHEDULE very loosely around here.  We are self employed AND we homeschool.  We have a large family.  Some days, everything gets checked off, other days NOTHING gets checked off.  Sometimes it’s somewhere in between. It’s real life.  Things come up, others need help, special events, etc.  Please give yourself and your family members GRACE.  We all mess up.  Remember, tomorrow is another day and we need to be thankful for each and every day–even if it’s a day of chaos.

Cleaning Lady Photo

With that being said, I’m going to give you glimpse into what’s on todays list at our home, with some side notes along the way…


Have each child remove their bed sheets and bring them to the laundry room  **This is actually easy for them to do.  AND, it is usually a race.  First one is always done right away, last one in, is sometimes in the evening before they get their fresh clean sheets back!

Gather Laundry from each bathroom basket and replace hand towels too!  **The kids know that their laundry goes into the baskets or it doesn’t get washed.

Start Laundry  **Note, I try do laundry every single day, except Sunday.  It works for us.  Our laundry mostly stays caught up this way.  I start the washer and set a reminder on my phone so I remember to switch it over.  I do this with each load, but again, I can get easily distracted and get off track.  It’s OK!

Clean out fridge  **I do this every Monday, because I’m in town for other things most Tuesdays so I get groceries on Tuesday as well.  Cleaning out the fridge on Monday helps me make my grocery list and makes it easier to put groceries away into a clean fridge.

Mop Kitchen and Bathroom Floors, Sweep the rest of the house.  **I try to do this on Mondays and Fridays.  It’s nice to start our week off fresh and clean and on Fridays, it’s nice to have it clean for the weekend.  Some weeks it only happens once a week.  It does get done at least once.

Gather Trash and Burn it.  Put recyclables into proper containers.  **We live in the country and do not have trash pick up.  We take our recyclables to town every couple of weeks.

The basics are always done…we try to pick up after ourselves, but before bed we always do a quick pick up and everyone pitches in (toddlers and teens included!) I empty the dishwasher out in the mornings.  Dishes are rinsed out and put into the drainer as we use them throughout.  I can usually get by with running the dishwasher once a day and I load it and run it after dinner in the evening.

TODAYS CHALLENGE:  Do you have some type of simple cleaning schedule?  If not, I encourage you to go into each room and write down what all you do in that room if you are cleaning it.  We’ll work on pulling it all together at the end of the week.  I’ll share things I just do monthly on the 1st (this Thursday).

Have a Joyful Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!







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