Jolly Holiday Prep 2K16: Day 6

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Hope your Saturday is going well 🙂  Have you been working on your lists all week?

Continue doing the following:

**Add 1 item to either your donate or sell box every day!  You’ll have sold or donated 100 items by the time our challenge is done!  Think about the end result as you add something to your boxes.  Feel free to add more than 1 item…we all have things to declutter.

**Write down what you had for dinner last night.

**Continue adding addresses to your list.

**Continue to look over your gift list and add as you wish.  Think of a gift idea…write it down!!  You can always change it later 🙂


Do you do holiday baking?  Today I want you to start pulling your recipe cards or books that have recipes you only make at Christmas time.  We’ll organize them into a document later, just start gathering them today.  Do you do Pinterest?  Start a new Board and title it how you will remember it.  If you go to my Pinterest page, you will see mine there.  The board is “Christmas Treats to Make”  I won’t make everything there, but I like to gather fun stuff!  I have certain things I *always* make and those are the first things I will gather.

Leave me a comment and share what you always make, no matter what! 🙂

Have a Joyful Day!!

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