It’s Christmas Eve Eve!

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It’s hard to believe Christmas is almost here again!  The days sure seem to go by so quickly…and the excitement and magic that you can see through a childs eyes is so incredible.  Soak it all in, these are the memories that you will hold near and dear to your heart forever!

Is your shopping all finished up?  If you are an Amazon Prime member there are still some things you can get One day shipping on (for a small charge) and still get it tomorrow.   Or you can run to your nearest retailer and hope they have what you need.

Gather the family, bake some cookies, watch some great Christmas movies on tv, finish wrapping and enjoy the season.

Don’t forget to charge the batteries in your camera, video camera or your phone!  Clear off your phone or make sure you have a fresh SD card for your camera so you can take lots of photos!

Just 2 days to go…Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Have A Joyful Day!!


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