Deal of the Day at Amazon, Ride on Toys!!

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Amazon has some ride on toys today as their Deal of the Day!  I can highly recommend the Peg Perego brand and the Power Wheel Brand.  We have had several over the years and have always been pleased, especially when it comes to replacing batteries or parts.  Other brands don’t have parts or batteries as easily accessible.

Here are some on sale today:

The Peg Perego train is a great start for little ones.  It comes with a track so they stay in one area.  It’s adorable in person and holds up very well.

This Power Wheel 4 wheeler is great for your little girl.  The bright pink color stands out and the twist grip throttle is fu to turn and hear the motor “rev up”.  In our experience, 4 wheelers are great for those just starting out.  Kids seem to be able to maneuver the handle bars a bit easier than a steering wheel at first.

For your little boy, you can’t go wrong with John Deere!  This tractor is awesome and the trailer is such an added bonus!  Encourage your little guy or girl to help around the yard by picking up sticks and putting them in the wagon or hauling plants for you as you put them in the ground.

You can put your little girl on a pink tractor, too!  Again, the wagons are such fun.  They are detachable so they don’t have to be on the machine all the time.

Want your little one to use foot power?  This tricycle is a super fun toy for kids.  We have a couple of these and they bring a lot of laughs and fun.

And if you really want to spoil the kids or grandkids, this looks amazing! (My kids would LOVE to have this!)  I can’t say enough good about the Peg Perego brand.  They are built well and they also hold their value best.  So, when you are ready to sell it when the kids outgrow it, you’ll likely get a lot of your investment back.

Have a Joyful Day!

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