Choose Joy!

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Hello and Welcome to my blog.

Every day we should CHOOSE JOY!  Yes, somedays its harder than others, but each day we have a choice to make…and that choice is up to you.  Choose Joy…lift one another up, help someone, make someone smile.  It doesn’t cost a thing and you never know the impact you may have on someone.  A favorite quote of mine says…

be kind

And it’s so true.  We don’t know everything about everyone so Be Kind.   Don’t judge, Don’t assume.  Love one another.  Let your light shine.

I hope to share lots of fun stuff here.  I enjoy searching for deals whenever I have a purchase to make and want to share those deals with my readers.  Along with lots of other good stuff along the way.

Blessings to you all…

The joy of the Lord is my Stength.  Nehemiah 8:10